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Q: When I click "Upload Cover to Facebook", my cover doesn't show up?

A: Unlike the old banner system, we are unable to automatically select and update the active cover on your profile, our covers are uploaded to a specially created album on your profile to save you the hassle of having to download and then upload from your computer.

Once you have clicked on "Upload cover to Facebook" on any of our covers, you need to login to your Facebook account and use the "Change Cover" option, then select the cover you have chosen from the Cover album we create for you.

Q: Help! My friends don't see my cover!

A: Instructions:

  1. Login to, then go to: Account > Privacy Settings > Customize Settings
  2. Find "Photos and videos I'm tagged in" and click "Edit Settings"
  3. In the drop down Menu, Select "Everyone".

Q: I can no longer add any covers from It was working before, what happened?

A: Facebook albums can contain a maximum of 200 Facebook covers. Once you have reached this limit, you need to delete your album to upload further covers to your profile.

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